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Wedding Cakes


For all questions, please contact Liz at

We are currently booking for the 2023 season! For most locations, we will only be doing Two Tiered cakes this year which can feed between 30-70. Additionally, 'cutting cakes' can be made to feed the remainder of your party. Three tier cakes are only available for delivery locally. Why? Our cakes are all butter, and can be quite nerve wracking to deliver, two tier cakes have taken a lot of stress off our talented staff. Also, we know that some venues can handle two tier cakes much better without us having to worry once the delivery has been made. Additionally, we no longer deliver to Chicago. We do not deliver or have pick-ups on Sundays.



Tastings are all 'to-go' and are $3 each. The taster is a two layer cupcake with chosen fillings and frosting. It is enough for two to split. When choosing your tasting flavors, these are the most popular. All requests must be received via email at least 48 hours ahead.

For example:   

white cake/fresh raspberries & lemon curd/vanilla buttercream                                                                 chocolate cake/chocolate mousse/vanilla buttercream                                                                               yellow cake/oreo filling/cream cheese frosting


The cakes we make are in our Wedding Cake Catalogue. Both tiers may be different flavors, as well as the cutting cakes, at no extra charge. Vegan or GF options are available at no extra charge! We are happy to look at photo's you have and see if we can accommodate your design. Two tier cakes come in all different sizes, so you may feed 30-70, and then supplement with 1/4 sheet cutting cakes that feed 28-36 ($54-$62). Three tier cakes feed 50 to 78, depending on the size. Please see below for cake options, and cake guide. 


This all depends on if you have a sweet table in addition to wedding cakes, or if the cake is your only dessert. Also, are you serving the cake at the table (a slice in front of each guest) or is it being cut to put on a sweet table. If it is going in front of each guest, you choose one flavor. If it is going on the sweet table, you CAN choose multiple flavors. 


Example, you are getting a three tier cake, 6", 8" 10" 2 layers Level one. This feeds 48 (add up under cake guide) so it would be 48 x $4.25=$206 plus tax and delivery


There is nothing as beautiful as fresh flowers or herbs on cakes! We are happy to place flowers on your cakes with a diagram or photo that you have provided to us. Flowers may be delivered to us the same morning or day before. We do not provide fresh flowers.


we do deliver, cost is based on distance and size of cake. It can range from $25-$75